YouTube Festival

The agency B-Reel approached me because they were working on the festival organized by YouTube in Berlin.

In this festival, YouTube gathered thousands of visitors to showcase their products for businesses. There workshops and master talks and it took place at the awesome Kraftwerk building.

My work was to create five different short and exciting pieces of different genres to cover the different presentations of the CEO’s and presenters who were giving the public talks.

It was a nice work to do. I realized I’m able to work on a rush when needed and to create high quality musical pieces in a very short period of timeline.

B-Reel is an entertainment-based creative agency that specializes in using technology to help build brands and positively influence consumers.

Founded in 1999, the company strives to come up with new and original opportunities within the realms of branding and design, websites, mobile, strategy, content, and advertising.

The company won attention in the music industry by helping the virtual band Gorillaz market its first studio album in seven years (Humanz). Through the use of augmented and virtual reality as well as 360 technology, B-Reel designed and launched the Gorillaz app and attracted a crowd of fans.

The company’s work resulted in the album reaching No. 1 in 30 countries. In addition to its work for music-driven brands, B-Reel has helped Google Pixel produce real-time, live wallpapers that reflect the current climate. 

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