Toormix, a digital agency based in Barcelona, contacted me to work on a project for xtralife. This was the second time we worked together.

Xtralife is an online store specialized in the gaming and video games industry. For their 10th anniversary they wanted to update its brand and entire shopping experience.

My role for this project was the creation of music for seven videos that represent the new image of this company. The visual language of xtralife is inspired by classic video games and arcades. They wanted a powerful track that could represent this language clearly.

Based on this references I created a very catchy melody and a powerful beat. I also kept the flavor of the synths and sounds we hear on those arcades but brought them to the present time. The result is a modern sound with a vintage touch.

xtralife is an online store specialized in the gaming and video games industry.

It was born in 2007 and after 10 years of activity and being a fully consolidated platform with a good reputation in the market, xtralife sought to offer a better experience to its users that was fully adapted to the new browsing and purchasing patterns of gamers.

Created in 2000 in Barcelona by Ferran Mitjans and Oriol Armengou, in Toormix we use creative thinking and design to generate innovative brand experiences through physical, digital or environmental media with a clear focus on the needs of the user, as well as an understanding of the business challenges and objectives.

Toormix works for national and international clients, whether they are large or small, with whom we create a relationship of trust and professional respect. Their background and portfolio, the conferences, the workshops that they are invited to give in different countries and their teaching work in several design schools endorse their professional career.

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