trinxat – Corol·lari

Corol·lari was my second release under my trinxat alias. It featured a more advanced sound then Presagi.

It was made between winter and autumn 2013 in my home studio in Palafrugell. Corol·lari is the name in Catalan for a mathematical proposition that is the immediate consequence of another already demonstrated proposition. It was my way to say that, after Presagi, I felt more comfortable than ever getting into more electronic sounds.

01. Corol·lari
02. Arara

My favorite track of the album is Arara with it’s intricate rhythm. This morning has a very interesting 5/7 rhythm in the middle section. Corol·lari is very glitchy, but still a contained track. The Break is very powerful and strong, with some layered melodies and broken drums.

03. This Morning
04. The Break