SPAIN arts & culture

I was approached by the digital agency Toormix based in Barcelona to work on a campaign for the Spanish embassy on Canada and the US.

The name of the campaign was SPAIN arts & culture and it was created to promote and expand the Spanish culture on those countries.

As part of this campaign, they created a 3D video where a stone was converted to the logo at the end.

My work was to create the music for this video. My aim was to keep it minimal somehow and to achieve a sense of elegance. The sounds needed to give the idea that we were converting a raw, wild material to something precious.

SPAIN arts & culture aims to promote Spanish culture in the U.S. through fruitful cultural exchanges among institutions and artists, fostering positive bilateral relations between our two countries.

Among its objectives, the program enhances shared knowledge on the cultural and creative industries and facilitates professional opportunities for artists, drawing on our common Hispanic heritage.

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Created in 2000 in Barcelona by Ferran Mitjans and Oriol Armengou, in Toormix we use creative thinking and design to generate innovative brand experiences through physical, digital or environmental media with a clear focus on the needs of the user, as well as an understanding of the business challenges and objectives.

They work for national and international clients, whether they are large or small, with whom they create a relationship of trust and professional respect. Their background and portfolio, the conferences, the workshops that they are invited to give in different countries and their teaching work in several design schools endorse their professional career.

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