Muted Stories

I participated in an Open Call made by the label called and/oar. The theme of the call is Muted Stories and the piece that created was selected to be part of the project.

Everything is real

My piece is called Everything is Real and is a reflection about the epistemological theories of the modern philosophers and the problem of dualism.

What I propose is a project of interpretations of the term “muted stories”. Even if that means telling no story at all – simply letting your piece “speak” for itself.

While it’s not necessary, I highly encourage tape recorded work if possible (mono or stereo). For the sake of overall time restrictions of a physical format release, I will ask that the tracks not be much longer than 5 minutes – or if so, please provide both long and short versions just in case there is enough time to accommodate the longer version. The submissions can be older recordings or already finished work, but please only previously unreleased work for this project since this is not intended to be a standard “V/A” compilation, as mentioned above. I would also be interested in short essays or personal thoughts in relation to the concept of this album for inclusion in the
liner notes.

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