Monegre – EP Monegre

This wasn’t my first work as a sound engineer, but it was one of the most important to me. I guess I can say that I started to learn my craft with this album.

This was a very special time in my live. I can only remember good things about the production of this, from meeting to play together, the recording and mixing, mastering period.

First album of Monegre, an EP with 7 songs written along three or four years, and recorded in an odyssey of nearly a year. The album features masters of the size of Sanjosex, the violinist Adrià Estarriola and Guille HL (Litius and ex Pleasant Dreams). Recorded, produced and mixed by Marc Oller at Rural Torrent Studio.

The first limited edition of the album consists of a white cd in a paper envelope, a 24×36 cm full-color poster with an illustration by the brilliant Pau Lamuà, everything wrapped-up by a black paper sealed with silvery wax; vinyl style presentation. All copies are handmade, one by one, at the Subsòl factory –a multipurpose ikea desk.

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