Ditto Bank

Ditto is a french bank that offers managing different world currencies in a unique account. They also offer an app where you can easily manage this.

For a recent campaign to promote their product they needed music. The agency B-Reel pitched my track called “Neva” and they really liked it. They decided to go further, so I adapted the whole track to fit the footage.

Unfortunately this campaign is still not public.

Ditto Bank is a new generation French bank with global ambition that offers a unique multi-currency model. Ditto Bank holds its own banking license and manages to combine the reliability of a bank with the flexibility of a Fintech.

Designed for those who need access to multiple currencies on a regular basis (frequent travelers, expatriates, online shoppers, etc…), Ditto Bank customers can use their app to open current accounts in different currencies, manage their money, make transfers and complete foreign exchange transactions, all from a mobile app created for and with the customer, who always remains at the center of a seamless experience.

For more information, please visit https://www.dittobank.com/.

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The company won attention in the music industry by helping the virtual band Gorillaz market its first studio album in seven years (Humanz). Through the use of augmented and virtual reality as well as 360 technology, B-Reel designed and launched the Gorillaz app and attracted a crowd of fans.

The company’s work resulted in the album reaching No. 1 in 30 countries. In addition to its work for music-driven brands, B-Reel has helped Google Pixel produce real-time, live wallpapers that reflect the current climate. 

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