Die Fahrt zum Leuchtturm

Theater director Marie Schleef gave me the opportunity to work together on our second collaboration for the play “Die Fahrt zum Leuchtturm” – “To the Lighthouse” – which is based on the novel with the same title by Virginia Woolf and which took place at the Volksbühne Berlin.

We early agreed that the objective of the music was to bring a psychological character to the play, giving room for the actors to interact with the space and with the sounds, to immerse them and the public into that specific mood we where seeking.

I had different concepts in mind and found that “Musique Concrète” could be a good reference. I deepened down into my sound archive, looking for specific found sounds that could bring some texture.

At the end, my idea was to create a soundtrack that you don’t actively listen, but that you can feel in the room. Sounds that come from the distance, like our unconscious thoughts.

„And he said: women can’t write, women can’t paint – not so much because he believed it to be true, but because for some strange reason, he wanted it to be so.”

Photo: Jo Jankowski

Six-year old James Ramsey desperately wants to go to the lighthouse. During their summer vacation on the Scottish coast, he repeatedly begs his parents to take him. And so the loop begins: never giving up, never giving in, constant defiance. The boy’s perennial questioning lays bare his family’s long repressed patterns of thought and behavior, baring any possibility of escape from their own illusions. Their planned trip to the lighthouse thus becomes the alias of fixed roles in society, of needs never fully spoken—of expectation itself. The loop at once defines and destroys the family.

With: Cristian Lehmann Carrasco, Florian Kroop, Anne Tismer

Director: Marie Schleef
Stage design and costumes: Jule Saworski
Lighting: Leander Hagen
Music: Marc Oller, Monocollettivo
Dramaturgy: Laura Andreß
Mentoring: Susanne Kennedy, Britta Geister
Director’s assistant, superman, surtitles: Ruben Müller

Volksbühne Berlin

The Volksbühne is located in what was the GDR’s capital and it has been called Berlin’s most iconic theater. It was designed by Oskar Kaufmann and it opened on December 30, 1914 with the vision to become a theater “of the people”. During World War II, the theater was heavily damaged like much of the rest of Berlin. Frank Castorf became director in 1992 and during his 25-year tenure the theater’s ambitious, experimental productions, brought it worldwide recognition as a leading European venue.

For more information, please visit https://www.volksbuehne.berlin/en/programm/5908/die-fahrt-zum-leuchtturm-to-the-lighthouse.