Bardamu – Ecce Homo

I had the privilege to be part of the project called Bardamu from the musician Guillermo Héctor. Besides playing together, we also released this album.

Dear reader:

These songs were inspired by women and trains, written by me (after being irresponsibly encouraged by Carlus Jove, who even dared playing them along at the very beginning until I believed in myself) and arranged by the respective players with the help of Mariona Carreras’ homemade cakes. She also played the violin, shared with us her golden voice and frowned upon me when it was needed.

The drawings, design and good taste are by Josep Segarra, who not only keeps my feet on the ground but also plays bass, electric guitar and banjo. I hope he’ll hire me if he ever forms a band.

Victor Pesudo brought his music sticks to play percussion on this tempered manner of his (the way I’ve admired for more than 10 years now) and even bought me a book which one day I shall read.

Elena Vilanova is the one who suffered the most throughout the whole process, for not only did she live with me while I learnt to play the most basic chords on the guitar but also had to go through my country-folkish phase and keep me fed. She still does, actually. And sings, and plays harmonica, and melodica, and guitar with me at home, and most importantly of all, helps me keep the faith on the human race.

The sounds were skillfully recorded by Marc Oller (*Trinxat) at Torrent Rural Studios (Torrent, Girona) and his bedroom in Barcelona, always with a smile and often with distilled spirits he’d cheerfully welcome in. Later on he mixed the many tracks and managed to hide some mistakes and make it all sound as good as it gets. And he still smiles.

Thank you, friends.

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