St. Stereo and I (using my alias Markus Poch) joined forces to remix together the track “Ride” by the italian artist AZZURRA. I think that collaborating with other artists is a great experience, because things usually will go on a different direction as if one is working alone.

This was also the case for the remix. We wanted to bring the track to a different direction, using more electronic sounds that could fit with the “berliner” scene, while keeping the pop oriented vibe of the original track.

At the end, we needed to record her voice again and do some overdubs. We decided to have a very dynamic track with three different parts. We used a lot of found sounds for the beat to keep it nice and organic.

AZZURRA came to life as a solo music project in 2015 – since then she started writing her own songs, thanks to her skills at singing and producing beats (mostly modulated samples of her voice). Moving to Berlin later that year, she released “Before Your Lies” in January 2016 and her first EP “Where Are We Going” in November 2016, produced with GMA winner Federico Ferrandina.

The dreamy atmosphere comes from a melting pot of moods: a mixture of electro, dream pop and trip hop blended with soul and blues influences. Followed by two features in Copycat Club debut “Death to the Copycat Club”, AZZURRA’s voice was also used for soundtracks film compositions.

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