Hey there! I’m Marc. I was born in Brasilia, I grew up in Catalonia and found myself later in Berlin.

After studying philosophy, I decided to learn sound engineering at Microfusa in Barcelona. I like to think that anyone who listens to my music immediately understands that my two passions belong together, that I don’t just make music, but that I think through the music.

Behind every piece there is a reflection on humanity and its connection to the rest of the world. Every sound is carefully created with the objective to accompany the listener to a new atmosphere.

In 2017 I released my first vinyl called “Tria”. I have also worked in the play “Die Fahrt zum Leuchtturm” at the Volksbühne Berlin with the collective monocollettivo. My work is also part of the exhibition “res.o.nant”, which takes place in the Jewish Museum Berlin.